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Hyun Sunji

Hello! My name is Erin devanadera but my stage name is Hyun Sunji i started singing when i’m 5 and i started writing and producing songs at the age of 12,i’m 13 now so for me making songs is so amazing and it makes people emotional or the songs we make either inspire people or make people sad.

I won my first competition when i’m Grade 3 and then it continued. it stopped when i’m in middle school,i didn’t really participated on events because i’m too shy.

But then when i turned grade 9 i started producing songs like remixes and recordings first of my covers,then i started turning my composed songs into reality.i started posting them on youtube and facebook,i had my first band exposure just this tuesday.


Happy Kid

The journey of my music and me is just the beginning,i want to be famous because i want to inspire people and turn myself into an a grammy awarding artist. I know it sounds crazy,i’m only a 13 year old and yet i’m still dreaming too big? well they say DREAM BIG! dream big with the passion to inspire and stand up to people and for me this is my calling.

Hope you support me and my dream! thank you!

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