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We are the band that makes music based on great true stories.
Kami ang bandang gumagawa ng musika hango sa mga magagandang tunay na istorya.

They went through a lot of bumps in their relationship but they never parted ways. Chris and Tina overcame all problems together. They helped each other and made sure to make their love alive even during very hard times. Eventually they became engaged to each other after they finished college. 

They planned to get married in two years and prepared everything from the wedding up to the house that they will live in together after marriage.

During their wedding reception, while everyone was happy celebrating, Tina fainted. The happy and positive mood suddenly went away. Tina was rushed to the hospital instead of riding their bridal car going to the place where they will have their honeymoon. After series of tests, the result came with a shock.


Tina has a terminal sickness, a rare disease that has to do with her blood. The bold news is that Tina is going to die very soon.
Chris and Tina stayed positive until the last hours came. Tina was bed ridden already and is unable to move without pain. She requested Chris to be at her side and asked Chris to hold her hand. While hands are together, Tina asked Chris to tell her happy stories that he can remember about them.
Chris did what Tina requested with tears in his eyes. He told her stories about how he has a big crush on her during high school and how he cannot believe that she said yes to him.
While Chris was still telling stories, Tina’s heartbeat stopped.
Habang si Chris ay nagsasabi pa rin ng mga kuwento, tumigil ang tibok ng puso ni Tina.


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